Ino Wire 5m 24ga (0.5mm) Forstør

Ino Wire 5m 24ga (0.5mm)


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70,00 Kr inkl. moms

This new resistive wires made in France by Inowire has the particularity to be hollow. Composed in 304L Steel, it allows you to construct coils, very reactive to reconstructable material. Gracious to the hollow structure, the heating capacity of the Inowire wire are optimal for excellent rendering of flavours. The Inowire wire is adapted for a classic vape, in mono-coil, in watts mode or TCR (Steel Position) and offers a perfect vape with less power. 

Sold in a reel of 5 Meters of 24gauge (0.5mm thickness)

The resistive wires are made in France by Inowire.